Friday, July 22, 2011


I promised some info on my trip to Europe.. So here it is...

We left Cape Town at 4pm and arrived in Istanbul at 6am, we then caught a flight to Venice where we got onto a train to Trieste. I must quickly say two things.. Flying over Venice is amazing.. Its so beautiful, a real experience.. Secondly, I loved Trieste. It just looks like one of those places where all the rich people go on holiday to suntan out on their yachts and all the ladies are dressed to kill in their Prada and Versace. Anyways back to the journey.. From Trieste we took a bus through Slovenia and after 25 hours of travelling we arrived in Porec, Croatia with very swollen ankles, only to find out that our apartment was not only on top of the hill but on the third floor... (regretting all that luggage now..)

Croatia itself is beautiful, it has stunning beaches, an enchanting old town and loads of shops with all the shoes a shoe lover could dream of.. sigh

Croatia also has really good food, they had the best ice-cream I've ever had (and I had ice-cream in Italy) and the sea-food is to die for. Its such a beautiful country, I would go back tomorrow!

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