Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Week: Day 1 - Glitter shoes...

Like any other thing our shoes also get worn out with time. No matter how carefully you wear them, how many shoe safety measures you follow your favorite shoes will grow old with time leaving you no option but to buy a nice pair of shoes again. Sometimes, you wear one of your favorite pairs of shoes all the time just because you like them, due to comfort or style. But that day will come when you know in your heart that your shoes' life is over but you don’t want to leave them or throw them away. I decided to save you this heartache by deciding to do a DIY week. Everyday this week I will post a way for you to give new life to your shoes or a fun and easy way to create a designer look using cheap shoes!

The Inspiration: Steve Madden Glitter Heels - $129

Do it Yourself:

You'll Need:- Extra Fine Glitter
- Mod-Podge (Gloss-Lustre)
- Pair of Shoes
- Sand Paper (or a nail file)
- Bowl
- Paintbrush (I didn't use the paintbrush above, it was too big)
- And something to cover your work surface (I used tinfoil)

You should probably sand the shoes just to make sure that the glitter and glue can adhere to the shoes as best as it can. I didn't actually have sand paper and rather than waiting until I got some... I used a nail file. It did the job just fine, so there you go.

Next I sorted through the glitter I bought to decide which colors I wanted to use. I decided on a few goldish tones, silver, and a little of one of the reddish tones. That's the beauty of DIYing these shoes instead of buying them. This way you can make them whatever color you'd like instead of settling for the colors that the designers have decided on.

DIY GlitterShoes4

Just mix the glitter together in whatever combination you'd like. I wanted a platinum color with a little bit of a darker gold tone when the light hit it just right, so mine was mostly a mixture of the gold and silver with the reds and darker golds thrown in as low lights. There really isn't an exact measurement for any of this. You just have to sort of use your best judgment. As you can see I mixed the glitter first and then added the Mod-Podge, but I'm sure you could do it the other way as well.

Once you've mixed in the Mod-Podge just start brushing it on the shoes. I wasn't sure how to do this exactly. I brushed it on it kind of thickish strokes, and in hindsight I probably should have done it in thin coats and then let it dry and added a second. I also think I might have used too much glittery because it started to get a bit clumpy towards the end.

DIY GlitterShoes6

Aren't they so pretty! If you inspect them closely you can tell that there are spots where the glitter is thicker or thinner, but unless you get really close you really can't tell at all. I had originally planned to go over them with a coat of plain Mod-Podge because I thought the glitter would flake easily, but when I rubbed my hands over them after they had dried none of the glitter came off on my hands. I'll let you know how they stand up to wear.

And the best part? Since I owned everything but the glitter it cost me under $10! Which is more than $100 saving since the Steve Madden's I've been oooing over are $129.

EDIT: many people have been asking how these do over time and wear. I have wore these quite a few time over the months I've had them and so far I have lost very little glitter. And the only time I really noticed it was because I caught my shoe on a rock and fell down and scrapped the side of the shoe (I'm really clumsy). But in my experience with them they hold up well over time and even in the elements. They are puddle approved! Thank you all for sharing your love and how you've used the tutorial! I get very excited whenever I hear that it has been on use to someone!


  1. Hi! I know its a bit late to post a comment but was looking for this kind of glitter from my aldo ahoes.:( i was wearing a long skirt today so some of the glitters came pff,may i know where you bought them?

  2. Hi :)

    You will get this type of glitter at any art store :)


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