Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Design your own shoes online...

Ever dreamed of being a shoe designer? Or just wanted the perfect pair of shoes for yourself but never been able to find them? Well fear no more... I have the solution! I have just stumbled onto a website called Shoes of Prey that lets you design your own shoes and then makes them for you. You can choose your own heel, toe, fabric, color and embellishments.. Rather cool isn't it? They also have a variety of already designed shoes that you can then customise if you need a little help. I decided to play around and create my own shoe to shoe you. I was inspired by the color blocking trend (see recent posts) and created a color blocked shoe :)

I selected a peep toe, (I just LOVE peep toes!), with a 4 1/2 inch heel with a closed back. As you can see, you can edit any part of the shoe and just create something uniquely you. You can even goes as far as to choose the inner lining and sole color for the shoes!

I had some fun and messed around a bit more and came up with these designs too:

At $280 they are quite expensive for someone in South Africa but I love the idea and it is fun to play around on. I must add though, they are $280 a pair but are handmade, made with real leather, silk and other quality materials so worth the investment if you ask me!


  1. wow, that is expensive but such a cool idea. you can never really find the perfect shoe and this is a great way to solve that problem!

  2. I love the idea too, it is quite expensive but you can choose them to be made in soft leather or from real silk, even fish or snake skin so I guess you do pay for that... Still more than I can afford though! It's also fun paying around with the design app though :)

    Thanks for droppiny by


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