Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shoe of the day... Alejandro Ingelmo

I am loving Alejandro Ingelmo so much at the moment that I'll be posting one of his pairs of shoes everyday for a week as my shoe of the day. Alejandro studied shoe design at Parsons in New York.
Accessory Designer, Alejandro Ingelmo, debuted his first women's shoe collection in Fall/Winter 2006. Working out of his Soho-based studio in Manhattan, Ingelmo mingles the Cuban influences of his heritage with a directional New York edge.

After finding initial success with his women's line, Ingelmo set forth on the addition of a men's shoe collection to launch in Spring/Summer 2007 and the demand was immediate. "AI's" quickly developed a cult following among editors and celebrities who were captivated by his classic silhouettes in exotic materials.

In 2008, Alejandro was one of the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Top Ten candidates and has been nominated in both 2009 and 2011 for the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design.

More on up coming summer trends..

PhotobucketBecause thinking about summer makes us happy :)

Pumps and stilettos. Despite all hot discussions about how harmful stilettos and pumps are there will always be women ready to sacrifice their health for beauty and elegance. Therefore, such shoes will always be trendy. For Spring/ Summer 2011 high-heeled shoes come in a great variety of colors, from crazy and eye popping hues to reserved and even dull tones.


Flats. Flats are generally perceived as unsexy and focused basically on the comfort of the woman wearing those. However, judging by Spring/ Summer 2011 designer collections flats have become more glamorous and attractive and this makes those more versatile. You can now pair them either with a cute dress or a stylish pair of jeans.


The styles of flats in Spring/ Summer 2011 are very diverse: ballerina flats, oxford flats, sneaker sandals, Jesus sandals, etc. Such a wide spectrum allows each girl to find a pair that fits her personal style best.


Printed shoes. Prints make shoes look livelier and more cheerful. You can use these to complement your look or there is a possibility of building looks around such shoes. The trendiest shoe prints for Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season are the florals, geometric patterns and animal designs.


Gladiator and strappy sandals. Gladiators continue to be a very trendy shoe design. These come in high heel, wedge and flat versions. For fans of more delicate styles strappy sandal trend is also available.


Clog-inspired shoes. First created by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel Spring/ Summer 2010 collection clogs have been gaining their popularity since then. They are still trendy now but with a modernized look and more luxurious in design.


Platform wedges. Wedges are hotter than ever during Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season. Common designs are added with platform ones which look even more stylish. There are modest wedges which are fantastic for everyday wear, espadrille styles, and very exquisite designs you would want to wear to big life events. Look for wedges in Sonia Rykiel, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Saunders collections.


Flatform Heels. This can be the first time you have ever heard of flatform shoes because this is a new term and it refers to flats that are elevated on a high platform heel, held on by an ankle strap. I would even say that they remind me of summer espadrilles but these are a bit higher. Flatforms do not look very elegant or sophisticated but they do provide great comfort to wearer. Despite the fact the shoes are rather high you can walk easily in these without feeling pain. Chanel, Prada, 3.1 Philip Lim, Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Vivienne Westwood, and Chloé have all featured flatform shoes in their Spring/ Summer 2011 ranges. By the way, Im not loving them but flatforms are considered the shoes for 2011!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's time to say... Bon Voyage...

So it's almost time for me to leave for my ultimate European trip, my bags are packed, my legs in the process of being self-tanned and my purse is full of Euros to buy lots of gorgeous shoes! I wont be posting too regularly but I have written a few posts in advance. So its time to bid you all farewell, my next post will be something European!!

See you on the other side

Shoe of the day...Prada - Rose Heel

World highest heels..

So many of us have claimed to have mastered the art of walking in heels, but could you manage walking in these? They are 16 inches (40.6cm) high! You'd need a tall man to wear those with!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Invisible shoes???

Im not quite sure I get the idea behind this.. who wants shoes no one can see? Designer Andreia Chaves has made these mirror shoes that make your feet "disappear" when you wear them.. Weird but cool I guess :)



Shoe of the day...Nella Pagina

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top winter trends...

PhotobucketSometimes is so hard to find the perfect pair of shoes especially when seasons are changing and new trends are appearing. Furry boots, thigh-high boots, hiking boots, high-heeled loafers, and pointed-toed pumps are the most important winter 2011 shoe trends.

Furry boots
Winter means cold, rain and frozen noses. Cosy and comfortable, furry boots seem to be in the top preferences when it comes to winter 2011 shoe trends. They could be seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Vanesssa Bruno, and Christian Dior. They are made from different types of fur, synthetic or not, or from shearling applied on the exterior or in the interior.


Thigh-high boots

Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum, John Galiano for Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier for Hèrmes, Tommy Hilfiger, and Barbara Bui are some of the designers who brought thigh-high boots on the catwalk for winter 2011. For the most daring of you, there is the laced-up version of the thigh-high boots, while for the rest, there is the simple variant, biker style. In fact, thigh-high boots are very feminine especially when matched with chiffon dresses as spotted at Christian Dior and Burberry Prorsum.


Pointed-toed shoes

Pointed-toed shoes represent one of the major surprises for winter 2011 shoe trends. They look so girly, yet sophisticated offering a very feminine look to the one wearing them. This season's pointed-toed shoes can be seen in so many different versions starting with a simple, minimalist one spotted at Stella McCartney, worn with tapering trousers and coat dresses. A more chic, retro approach of the pointed-toed shoes could be seen at Louis Vuitton, where the block-heeled pointed-toed pumps trimmed with flat bows perfectly matched the fifties-sixties feminine silhouettes.

High-heeled loafers

Spotted at Prada, Rochas, Céline and Balenciaga, the classic loafers have been updated in the new high-heeled version. Classy and elegant, with a small dose of masculinity, the high-heeled loafers can be worn with woolen tights, or with ankle or knee socks. They represent the high version of the flat loafers, but they are more chic and elegant, with a retro touch.


Derby shoes

If you are more into the comfortable style, yet you love to be trendy and stylish, think of investing in a beautiful pair of derby shoes. They allow you to play with the masculine/feminine style and make different, unique outfits matching them with pants, liberty skirts, and dresses. They were spotted at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Cacharel and Comme des garçons.


Hiking boots
Hiking boots seem to be the It-shoe trend for fall/winter 2010-2011. However, their aspect has been attentively reviewed as they can be found in so many different styles and shapes. Laced up, with high-heels, wedge heels or squared, made of fur or knitted applications, with wavy rubber sole, hiking boots are without any doubt that one shoe trend that you should invest in. They could be spotted at Barbara Bui, Kenzo, Tommy Hilfiger, Erdem, Burberry Prorsum, or John Galliano. You can wear them to a casual outfit trying to minimize their though, mountain look and choosing a pair of skinny jeans, a sweater and a beige overcoat.



Shoe of the day.... Manolo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the ugliest shoes... ever

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Teddy Bear sneakers

What have they done to the poor teddy bear?! He's been cut in half and glued on a pair of running shoes!

Comme Des Garcons "toe" shoes

We've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about your toes on your shoes? How about for $743?

Nina Ricci heel-less heels

These floating platforms get major props for creativity, but the useless suspended heel negates from the cool factor


Uggs are like the cockroaches of ugly shoes, they just will not die.

Zaha Hadid for Lacoste

The famous architect designed these shoes for Lacoste. We have two questions: how do you put them on, and what kind of tan marks do they leave?

Gameboy platforms

The only advantage to this footwear monstrosity? You can whip out your Gameboy during meetings..

Louis Vuitton Daisy Half Boot in Monogram Denim

When we caught a glimpse of these Uggs-meets-Easter bunny booties for $2,080 we thought L.V. was playing a practical joke on us.

Funtasma Pimp shoe

Party in the front, goldfish in the back


For years, we've had the the same reaction to this style sacrilege: "Our eyes are burning! Our eyes!"

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

When we see these shoes we sprint in the opposite direction. Yuck

Balenciaga "Lego" heels..

This fashion house can usually do no wrong, but when we saw celebs like Beyonce wearing these in 2007 we were scratching our heads.

Shoe of the day... Manolo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nail Art made easy...

So I know it's winter and no one dares to go out in sandals but I still want my toes looking cute when I'm wearing a pair of peep toes. I actually cant go without nail polish on my toes, I feel somewhat naked. So here are some tips on how to do some fun nail art on your nails..

Paint Simple Objects and Designs

1. Draw simple designs or objects. Use a brush with a very thin tip to paint an outline of the object or design you’re painting. A nail art pen will work well for this too. You could also use items around your home, such as a toothpick.
2. Fill it in your outline. You can use the same brush or a slightly thicker one to fill in your outline, either with the same color or with a new one. Apply one color at a time, and if your outline is a different color than the fill, allow the outline to dry first. Reapply paint to the brush as needed, and let each color dry before adding a new one. Add other colors to make new designs or add good highlights. Once your first color is dry, you can add other colors either on top of the first or in other places on the nail.

3. Go easy on yourself and do simple dots. Never underestimate the power of a simple dot of nail polish. The most gorgeous designs are sometimes made with a multitude of dots varying in colours and sizes. Dip a striper brush, toothpick, or pin into the desired color. You can create dots of varying sizes by using thinner or thicker-tipped implements. Lightly touch the implement to the nail.

4. Manipulate dots as desired. You can use dots to make abstract designs or any pictures you would like to add. To make trailing dots, dip the implement in the paint once and apply several dots with it without reapplying paint. The dots will get smaller with each dot since less paint will remain on the implement. To make a simple flower, arrange five dots of one color in a circle with a dot of another color in the center. You can add a stem by painting a thin, curved, green line leading to the flower. You can also use your fine-tipped implement to drag the paint out from the wet dot to create rays, swirls, and other designs. You can also create your own designs to your fashion. All designs look great

Make Floral Designs

1. To make leaves or flowers, take a tiny 'square' tipped brush and dip one corner into -for example- dark green, and the other corner of the brush into a lighter green.

2. Make a Nike swish-like stroke onto the nail. You will see that it makes what resembles leaves, depending on how you angle the brush.
3. Practice it on a piece of paper. If you use other colors, it will make what looks like flower petals. Practice so you know how to do it.

4. Try changing the angle you hold the brush. You can get the 'feel' for it this way. Just make a small quick stroke with the two colors loaded onto the brush. Then you can use a tiny pointy-tipped brush to add the division between leaves or outline of a flower.

Blend Colors on the Nail

1. Apply a dot of one colour.
2. Use a clean toothpick to apply a dot of another colour on top of the first dot while the first dot is still wet.
3. Use a clean toothpick, striper brush, or other implement to drag the colors outward together, or to swirl the dots together. You can also create a marble effect by randomly placing several dots of one colour on the nail, then placing several dots of another colour around and on top of the first set of dots, and finally swirling the dots around and together by moving your implement in a criss-cross, S-shaped, or figure 8 pattern.

Water Marbling

1. Fill a shallow, wide-mouthed cup or bowl about 90% full with water.

2. Add desired colors of paint to the water. Have your paints open and ready to go, as they will harden quickly on the surface of the water. Drop a drop or two of the colors you want to use on top of the water. A high-quality nail polish works best for this method.

3.Create the marbled design in the water. Repeatedly drag a pin or toothpick through the surface.

4. Use a cotton swab to remove the excess polish from the surface while your nail is still submerged in the water.

5. Remove nail from water and use a cotton swab (with acetone if necessary), to clean up the edges and remove polish from the finger

Apply Jewels or Stickers

royal wedding nail decals. These 3D stickers are very1. Use tweezers or a special applicator to dip small jewel or sticker into a drop of nail gel or nail glue. You can buy specially-made jewels and stickers from nail art supply stores, or you can use your own — just make sure they are small and have flat bottoms

2. Place jewel or sticker flat onto the nail. Press down gently and allow to dry

3. Cover nail (and jewel or sticker) with clear gloss top coat. This will ensure that your jewel/sticker stays on longer before falling/chipping off

Apply Glitter (3 methods)

Method 1: Mix glitter with nail gel or paint. Dip brush into mixture and brush the mixture onto the nail in desired shape or pattern. Let dry and apply top coat

Method 2: Apply nail gel on nail only where you want to apply glitter. Dust the nail with glitter and lightly shake to remove excess. Allow the gel and glitter to dry, and use a small implement to remove any glitter that you don’t want. Apply top coat

Method 3: Cover entire nail with nail gel or polish. Dust with glitter. Allow to dry and apply top coat

Extra tips to make your art last:

1. Give your nails a base coat. Before you begin your nail art you need to create your canvas. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can paint your nails a neutral color, such as clear, white, pale beige or pale pink, or you can paint them any other color you desire. You may also wish to divide the nail into two or three different colors. Do two coats, as it strengthens the nail and gives a better finish. Make sure your “canvas” is neat and even, and allow it to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

2.Apply a top coat. Once all your nail art is dry, paint over it with a clear protective acrylic top coat to seal and protect your nail and your hard work.
3. Care for your art. Reapply a clear top coat every two or three days to protect your art and keep your nails looking shiny. Apply cuticle oil daily. Treat your nails with care — wear gloves when gardening or doing other work, and exercise caution when performing tasks such as opening soda cans, as they may damage your nails.