Friday, June 10, 2011

Why are women obsessed with shoes?

I own close to 100 pairs of shoes and unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I do not have a walk in shoe closet or shoe wall (although I dream of them). Sadly my shoes have to live in a much more confined space. I keep my winter shoes in the garage in summer so that I have space for my summer shoes in my closet. But every time I go shopping, I cant help look at the shoes! I have my eye on some gorgeous Iron Fist heels at grounded at the moment but I really don't have space for more shoes! So as a psychology student, I should know why women are so obsessed with shoes. The theory I've learnt might suggest that it has to do with wanting power, wearing heels does give you the feeling of being empowered and confident to take anything on. Marilyn Monroe once said, give a girl the right shoes and shoe can conquer the world. Now I do believe this is a factor, putting on those perfect heels does make you feel really good about yourself but then surely one pair of great shoes would be enough?

Another common theory is that shoe shopping is addictive, that once you get addicted to shoes, you cant stop buying them. This is because buying your first pair of shoes makes you feel happy, which releases the chemical, dopamine, in your brain, making you feel calm and happy every time you wear... for a while. Then your brain wants to recreate that feeling and you feel the urge to splurge on shoes again.. and again feeding the addiction. Now I don't agree with this either, I don't feel I am addicted to buying shoes (although they always say addicts deny they have a problem) because I CAN resist buying shoes, i don't wake up with an unstoppable urge to buy shoes everyday, sometimes I just try shoes on, surely an alcoholic cant sit and sniff alcohol and just leave it there??

Some people also put shoe shopping down to women who just have too much money than they know how to spend. This might be true in some cases but the average lady doesn't buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's to wear to her cousins friends wedding, they are usually an investment she pays off for a while and cherishes with her life.

Wearing shoes is a way to express yourself, wearing a pair of lumo green shoes is hardly as scary as a lumo green jumpsuit, but it still allows that individuality and self expression we so love. I love shoes for the way they make me feel about myself. I walk taller (literally and figuratively) and feel good about myself when I'm wearing nice shoes and I love it when a random stranger says, oh I love your shoes.. What I think it comes down to is wanting to look good. We all want to be loved and accepted by others and dressing up and wearing nice shoes does help make a good impression on others. Every woman likes it when she walks down the street and men's heads turn to admire (admire, not stare at) her and if shoes give you that confidence to feel good about yourself, I say, hey, why the hell not! Here's to many happy years of being shoe obsessed!


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