Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoe faux pas...

So we all love a good pair of shoes but everyone has a shoe faux par every now and then.. You know that time when you thought it was cool to wear ugg boots with anything? Or when everyone was wearing those takkies that used to light up when you stepped on them (or heaven forbid.. squeaked!). Yes, we've all been there and here are some pics of recent shoe faux pas for you to laugh at...

Poor Snookie already had a neck injury but wearing those boots may just give us a neck injury when whipping your neck around for a second look at big foots feet..

Snookie neck brace

Now usually I love Vic Becks shoes but seriously these make her feet look deformed!

What was Brooke thinking when she left home??

And the croc epidemic seems to be quite serious in hollywood..

(and yes, that is Jared Leto)

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