Monday, May 28, 2012

Have Cancer? Take Control of Your Life with Fashion..

Learning that you have cancer can be hard news to swallow—but it doesn't mean that you're any less of a person. You're still the same beautiful woman inside and out, and there are uplifting things you can do that will make you continue to realize that. Embracing your beauty and individuality with fashion is a very creative, fun, and positive experience that will keep you confident and dazzling.

No matter what type of cancer you have, or what kind of treatment you partake in, be it a mesothelioma treatment or breast cancer chemo, you create your own identity. You can start intensifying your personality with fashion by looking at styles you always loved but didn't feel bold enough to try before. Truth is, you were and always will be radiant enough to wear whatever you want. Take your time to define you.

Look into designers and what inspires them to create their pieces. You don't need to spend a lot of money to wear the new hottest styles. Simply pick out an outfit you adore and take a trip to some department stores to recreate it. Fashion magazines usually include a new recreation article in each of their issues. You always have options to be fashionable and stand out.

You can complete your looks by using cosmetics. There's lots of make-up tutorials on the web that you can view and try for free. Make-up will further the success of your fashion statements, and make you feel like gorgeous. Each new look you try and love will be brand new. There are literally limitless options with make-up, so be creative and have fun making your own looks.

Don't forget accessories and jewelry! They will make your outfits look effortlessly perfect. Mix and match to create your own unique style that others will admire. You can also look into making your own jewelry, which is much more inexpensive. Creating your own pieces of jewelry will give you complete control and make you feel like an exquisite artist.

Hairstyles can also be very inspiring and feed your creative hunger. If you're lacking in the hair department due to your condition, you can always embrace your cool edgy look. It's who you are and you should never feel insecure about that. If you want to create different looks using hair, shopping for wigs can be a very new and exciting experience. There's wigs in nearly every hairstyle, so you won't be disappointed.

If you're feeling really fierce and fashionable, learning how to knit and sew can be a life-changing hobby. You'll have the option to create all your looks from scratch, and also play with new styles. Feel stunning in your own work.

Always love yourself and who you are. Remember, cancer does not make you weak. Cancer transforms you into an even stronger woman. Accepting fashion as an important part of your life and realizing how sublime you are will help you remember that.

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on wellness.

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