Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Shoes every girl should own...

I started this list with my top 5 shoes but then I thought there are more than 5 pairs of shoes every woman should have, so I expanded it to 10 but that just covered heels...So now it's just all the shoes I think women should own...

giuseppe zanotto flower sandals Giuseppe Zanotti flower appliquéd leather sandals

The pretty girly shoe

The wedge (I love it in floral)

The wild animal print

The sexy red patent

The classic black

The neutral pump

Something lacey

Something metallic

Something bling

Strappy Sandals

Something cork

Something playful and colourful

Ballet flats

More than 1 pair...

A pair of gladiators

The boot sandal

Pretty sandals

Ankle Boots

Cowboy Boots

Long Boots

Something designer and expensive

Something soft and comfy to put your feet into after a long day


  1. Love this. Loving all of this.
    And I'm not even a heels girl!
    You write really well too. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for visiting Molly, great to have you here and glad you love the blog!


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