Sunday, September 4, 2011

Those shoe moments where you just wish you could disappear...

I needed these today!
So as some of you may or may not know.. I recently started a new job. And today was like the perfect spring day so I decided to wear a pair of cork wedges.. Not such a smart idea... So being in the centre of Cape Town, parking near work is rather limited to an open piece of land (really lots of rock and gravel) up on a really steep hill...
Not a good combo.. steep hill, rocks and rather high heeled shoes. And to make matters worse a cute guy would arrive at the same time and ended up walking behind me while I wobbled down the steep and very uneven hill in my heels. Eventually he overtook me hehe...
I think I even heard him laugh!
Anyways my shoes worked well the rest of the day, next time I'll keep flats in my bag for the downhill trip!

So here are some other embarrassing shoe moments from our shoe loving friends:

I don't remember my exact age, but I was in Junior High School (7th, 8th or 9th grade) and I had earned a little money from babysitting. Of course, I wanted to buy myself a pair of shoes.  I had about $20, but at the time I had learned the value of money, so I decided to go to this store in East Cleveland that sold shoes for $10 a pair.  I bought a pair of pleather (short for plastic leather or fake leather), brown shoes that were pointy at the toe, tied up the front and had about a 1 1/2 in heel on them. They were perfect! However, at that young age I knew that I was buying a pair of cheap shoes and I remember having a second thought about that, but at the same time," a deal was a deal" . The very next day, I had to wear my new shoes to school. I thought that I was so cute while proudly wearing my new shoes that I'd purchased with my own money. 

It was probably after lunch period with maybe 2 more hours left in the school day when MY HEEL FELL OFF!!!! The entire heel fell of my shoe while I was walking down the hall. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know what to do. I am standing there trying to place the heel back under the shoe as if it is going to re-attach itself back to the shoe somehow. Of course, that didn't work.  Since I didn't have another pair to put on, I had no other choice but to limp around the school for the rest of the day with one heel on and one heel off. From that day on, I promised myself that I would NEVER, EVER, buy a pair of CHEAP shoes.

I was returning from a shopping trip and taking a walk down watford high street when I found myself stuck and unable move.  My heel was stuck between the cobbles in the street...Darn you cobbles! Having tried to discretely release my heel and having no luck, I had to let the whole street know by taken the shoe off and using my hands to pull it out of the ground and then fell right onto my bottom!!! Oh the shame!!
For many years, I was in charge of the baby and bridal showers at our church. As a stay at home mom, I often felt a bit "frumpy" alongside the working gals, and decided I needn't look any less professional at these events. So for one special shower, I got beautiful purple flats to coordinate with my purple skirt and nice top. I would look SO pulled together! The day of the shower, I finished the last minute details at the house, then loaded everything into the car and drove my purple-skirted, nicely-made-up self to the church for the shower. Imagine my surprise when the first guest arrived and I realized I was still wearing my old pink very worn slippers! I had been so comfy as I got ready at the house, I forgot to put on my new purple shoes. So much for looking pulled together! LOL I ended up hostessing the shower in my stockinged feet (good thing there were no holes!)

I have taught for 15 years. I was in my classroom one day (about 8 years ago) leading an exciting discussion with my students. We were into the topics and I was asking questions and getting responses --it was really going well. Then, I glanced down as I was thinking about how to word an answer, and I realized that I was wearing one blue shoe and one black shoe. They weren't even the same style or height--one had a cute little bow with a 1 inch heel and the other was a plain flat shoe. I looked back up at my class and met the eyes of a student in the back who had just made the same discovery. I moved around to behind the desk and took my shoes off and finished the class as best I could -- distracted though I was. I had a break after class and went home and changed. I saw the student in the lab that afternoon and she commented about my nice shoes. I laughed about it with her (feeling completely embarrassed!) and went on with my day. My husband thought it was hysterical that I could go to work and get through a half a day without realizing that I was wearing two different height shoes!

My sisters and I went out one night together in Washington DC. One of my sisters decided to wear shoes that looked good but were very uncomfortable. We had a long walk to and from the restaurant to the metro station and then another walk back to the car. By the time we got to my other sister's apartment, my sister's feet were killing her. She borrowed a pair of fluffy slippers from my sister to use to drive home (a  45+ minute drive).  On her way home, she was pulled over at a sobriety check point. She had to "walk the line" wearing fluffy slippers. I wish I had been there to see that sight. I think the policemen were shocked that she was driving sober, but fluffy..

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