Friday, October 21, 2011

A very good day....

So today started a bit chaotic, I had an exam but couldn't find a pen that worked at the last minute so I was late leaving home, only to get stuck in horrific traffic. I was feeling rather stressed out because the traffic was moving very slowly and time was moving a lot faster. In the end traffic cleared... As I approached the robot, (traffic light to non South Africans) I saw a man handing out pamplets for Shoe HQ, a well known shoe store here. He was walking away from me but I managed to call him over to get my flyer, expecting to see some of the new shoes they had in store. To my suprise he says it's your lucky day, there is a 50% off shoe voucher on there... Yay 50% off shoes!!! I then proceeded to drive to my exam venue.. I made it in time.. My exam went really well... I then get home and my mom tells me that I was sent a gift voucher from Mr Price for featuring them on my blog. Yay for more shoes!!! I then decided that I could not wait any longer to spend my 50% off vouher so I headed to Shoe HQ. The minute I walked in I saw these shoes I just loved so I used my voucher and bought the shoes below... It was a good day today yay :)

P.S Lovelies... Shoe HQ also has a special on today, buy 2 pairs and get a 3rd paif FREE!!

Hope your day was just as good :)

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