Saturday, October 1, 2011

My shoe obession analysed

As a psychology student, I am taught to read into the messages behind things and how to analyse these situations. Addiction is usually one of those things that people turn to in order to fill some sort of void in their life. So is my shoe addiction the shallow and materialistic way that my subconscious is trying to fill some deep void in my life? Am I missing the deeper things in life that are supposed to make me feel whole and satisfied with life or is my endless pursuit of the perfect pair of shoes just some sort of instant gratification to make me happy in the moment?

Well yes to some extent...Shoes do make me happy. As shallow and materialistic as it is, shoes are one of the things in life that make me happier. Though I do not believe that my obsession with them is to fill a void. I just like pretty things. Much like driving by a field of flowers makes me happy, buying pretty shoes does too. I see shoes as an art form, must like some people like to collect Picaso's or Van Gogh's, I like to collect shoes. I like to display them in my bedroom or wear them on my feet and be told by strangers that they love my shoes. I love to tell strangers that I love their shoes too. i really just like to admire the beauty of shoes full stop. As you will have noticed by now, my favourite thing to do on my blog is to just search for beautiful shoes and share them with all of you...

So think what you like, call me shallow, call me materialistic, call me anything you like but don't ever say you didn't love my shoes ;)

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